Affiliate Disclosure

The concise version

At IMON INFO, I enjoy evaluating products to assist you in discovering ones that can enhance your life. However, the process of creating video and written reviews is time-consuming, and I have financial obligations to meet.

Here’s the arrangement: Occasionally, if you click on a link in my article and make a purchase from the company’s website, I may earn a commission.

Affiliate links are a type of link that allows me to earn a commission by promoting a product. The affiliate link contains a unique identifier that tracks the clicks from the link.

It’s essential to note that not every link on this website is designed to generate income for me. Links leading to journal articles, news websites, medical information websites, and government organizations, for instance, are not set up to earn me a commission.

Crucially, when reading an article where I discuss a specific product or compare different options, it’s reasonable to assume that I could receive a financial commission if you choose to purchase the product through the provided link.

If you ever encounter a link and are uncertain whether it’s an affiliate link, it’s prudent to err on the side of caution and assume it might result in me earning a commission if you make a purchase.

Amazon Associates disclosure

Amazon provides specific language that individuals are expected to use when incorporating affiliate links:

“As an Amazon Associate, IMON INFO may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from

(Yes, I understand…)”

The longer version

Why I use affiliate links and adverts

One primary method of generating income through a blog is by incorporating advertisements. These are the types of ads that certain websites still prominently display on their sidebars and headers or, at times, unexpectedly pop up.

I have the flexibility to select and endorse advertisements. In the context of affiliate marketing, I opt to establish affiliate links with companies that grant permission and where I deem it suitable to do so.

I don’t accept upfront financial payment

Occasionally, companies inquire about compensation for conducting reviews. I consistently decline monetary offers. However, I may agree to receive a demo product for evaluation. Nevertheless, in the majority of instances, I personally purchase the products that I review.

How the affiliate commissions work

Each company adopts a distinct approach to establishing affiliate links and determining commissions.

I consistently possess prior knowledge of the potential commission I may earn when you purchase a particular product. However, I do not control the commission rate, which can range from as  0.5% to 20%.

The links I utilize contain a unique tracking code associated with me. This ensures that the company recognizes and compensates me with a commission when you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

If you prefer not to contribute to my commission earnings, you have the option to manually search for the company’s name or product through a search engine or by typing the company’s website address directly into your browser.

While I am appreciative of readers who use my affiliate links, I understand if you choose to bypass the affiliate aspect.

Various companies manage their affiliate programs differently—some incorporate an in-house affiliate management system, while others employ third-party platforms like Shareasale, Impact Radius, or Partnerize. This explains why, on occasion, you might observe a brief redirection to an intermediary website before landing on the company’s official site.

Over time, I accumulate commissions from a company, and once I reach a specified payout threshold, I receive a payout. Subsequently, I am required to declare these earnings and fulfill tax obligations, similar to a regular job.

Companies I earn affiliate commissions from

The following is a list of companies from which I can receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links provided on this website:

  • (also Amazon in other countries)

How I refrain from endorsing products solely based on their commission rates

The presence of affiliate commissions naturally tempts one to seek out products with the highest commission rates and praise them lavishly!

On a personal level, I actively resist succumbing to this temptation because my commitment lies in assisting readers rather than maximizing earnings.

Additionally, I dedicate considerable time to creating content including videos and articles about products that offer relatively small commissions. While the cumulative earnings matter, my focus is not solely on expensive products.

It is equally important to me to discuss products that personally interest me and that I am comfortable using in my home. This decision is grounded in necessity and genuine curiosity rather than influenced solely by price considerations

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me on the contact page.