Hello, welcome to IMON INFO! I’m Imon Mahmud, the author of all the articles here, and the person you’ll see in many photos and all of the videos.

For example, I took the photo above during a product review at my college. Sometimes when I get time I share tips and tricks on various topics. Maybe they are tech related, education related, products related or different. All of my articles are information types. But my article focuses on product information and review based. I personally test and film all the products I review in my home rather than a studio setting. There’s no office. But I have a team – it’s just me endlessly testing products. Let me tell you a bit more about myself, I hope you’ll find product information to be a helpful resource.

My education and background

I obtained a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering at Northern University of Business and Technology Khulna in 2023. Following that, I worked for an IT industry in Bangladesh for more than a decade.

Despite having a background in CSE, it’s important to be clear from the outset that I have enough information about products.

What you will find here though is my personal experience of testing hundreds of products since 2018, when I first created the website.I write for future life’s all about life and home decoration along with some helpful tips I’ve selected over the years.

My experience of products buy

I’ve had more issues selecting the preferable products than I wish were the case! They include:

  • For example, choosing which one is the best among 10 products of the same category in the same type.
  • Check out about build quality.
  • Differences between products
  • Where to buy from?

In addition to those issues, I also know about price and effort compatibility.  I’m always on the lookout for effective ways to combat those problems whether it be through something you can buy or techniques you can try.

My aims with IMON INFO

1. To provide in-depth product reviews and comparisons

Most of the articles I’ve written over the past few years are evaluations of various products. I plan on continuing with reviews as the primary focus of IMON INFO.

I pride myself on meticulously testing products in a reallife . And I try my best to highlight all the little details, pros, and cons that might not be immediately obvious when you’re shopping online.

Whether it’s a complex system, , I strive to create balanced and fair reviews.

My hope is that my personal experience and knowledge of these products will help you which meets both your needs and your budget.

If you’ve been looking for a new product, there are four main ways you can navigate this website to see if I’ve covered them:

  • Product reviews
  • Product comparisons (top 10 style)
  • Over the counter products tips and tricks.

In most cases, I buy the items I write about myself. Nevertheless, I occasionally agree to a product demonstration, particularly when it involves a newer company seeking to promote their product.

Before doing so, I’m always very clear to the company concerned that giving me a demo doesn’t entitle them to a glowing review – just a fair one, the same as all the others.

I have never received monetary compensation from any company solely for discussing their brand or products, and I never will. However, I do sometimes earn a financial commission if you buy a product via one of my links. This does not alter the amount you pay nor does it impact my evaluation. Details information can be found in my affiliate disclosure page.

2. To share self-help techniques

I’m a big believer in the potential for self-help techniques to improve buying products, so I regularly try new ideas and write about them.

There are several articles with self-help tips, so a good starting point is the preferable product.

3. To share my personal experience of buying products

I write about products that I have personal experience with. I discuss their impact on me and what, if anything, helps make them more controllable. Numerous articles now boast over a thousand comments accumulated over several years. Some readers say they feel reassured to know they aren’t alone in experiencing a product buying problem.

Thus, on certain occasions, I compile them into lists of tips from readers, appended to the end of the article, allowing others to determine their viability.

Thanks for taking the time to read IMON INFO. If you have any questions about this site please contact me.

You can also watch my latest videos and keep in touch on the IMON INFO Youtube Channel

May everyone live a healthy and beautiful life.

Imon Mahmud